Good, Good Father

I encourage you to listen to one of my favorite songs for all seasons. Indeed, we have such a good Abba Father who loves us so deeply, whose ways are perfect, who gives unexplainable peace and comfort and never leaves us nor forsake us. He goes before us  and prepares the way for us. He desires only what’s best for His children.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17

Magnificent God

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork. Psalm 19:1

 I will exalt you, my God the King; I will praise your name for ever and ever. Every day I will praise you and extol your name for ever and ever. Psalm 145:1-2


All your works praise you, LORD; your faithful people extol you. They tell of the glory of your kingdom and speak of your might. Psalm 145: 10-11


Praise the Lord from the heavens, praise Him in the heights above. Psalm 148:1


Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad; let the sea resound, and all that is in it. Psalm 96:11


     God, You are beautiful beyond description. Your creation declares your glory and magnificence. How awesome is the work of your hands, O God. You are perfect in all of your ways. May your praise continue to be on our lips. We exalt you for You alone are worthy. You deserve the highest praises and honor.


House of Prayer


My house will be called a House of Prayer..

           So blesssed to be a part of an evangelical church that has prayer and the Word of God as its foundation. Every first Wednesday of the month, the people of God gather to seek God and pray together for the Body of Christ to be strengthened and protected and for the Kingdom of God to advance in the nations of the world.  

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place. 2 Chronicles 7:14-15

Trust God’s Heart

          I recommend this beautiful song for your prayer time today. Indeed, God sees the end from the beginnning. Our future is secure in Him.

            God’s ways and thoughts are higher than ours and He knows what’s best for us. He’s working things out for our good and so even when we don’t see the answers to our prayers and the waiting is taking longer than we expect, we can trust His faithfulness. 

God Gives Grace to the Humble


Your grace is enough, O God.

“The sacrifices of God are a broken and contrite spirit; a broken and contrite heart, He will not despise.” Psalm 51:17

Jesus once spoke about the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector who were praying in the temple. The Pharisee stood  and prayed a prayer of self-exaltation that came out of his proud heart. Meanwhile, the tax collector who can’t even look up to heaven cried out a desperate prayer asking for mercy because he recognized what a great sinner he was. Jesus said that the tax collector went home more justified than the Pharisee. Why? Because those who lift themselves up will be humbled down and those who humble themseleves before God will be lifted up. Maybe some of the people who were there condemned the tax collector the same way the Pharisee did but God didn’t. People look at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart.

“God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” James 4:6

Pride is the root of all evil and God is against any form of evil. But He gives grace to the humble and grants forgiveness to the contrite heart. God is moved by the tears and desperate cry of a truly repentant heart.

“This is who God esteem: he who is humble and contrite in spirit and trembles at His word.” Isaiah 66:2

God honors the meek and those who submit to His Word. He never pushes away anyone who seeks Him, who cry out for mercy and forgiveness and who longs to be restored.


God Loves You!

Set a 🔥 in our hearts, God.

          God created you in His image. He made you for love and He wants you to have a love relationship with Him. But you only have two options, either you choose Him or reject Him. When you choose Him, you get to enjoy His love and affection. But when you reject Him, it’s not that He doesn’t love you, you just don’t recognize His love for you. You don’t see it or you simply ignore it.

          Nevertheless, your stubbornness doesn’t change God’s character. He is still a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger and abounding in love. He doesn’t want you to perish but He wants to lead you to repentance. There’s always a chance for you to turn to Him and experience a life worth living.

            He patiently waits for you to one day realize all the ways He took care of you. How He saw you through. How He hurt when you hurt especially when you’re the one hurting yourself. How he orchestrated divine appointments so that you get to hear about Him or know Him. How He sent people to help you in the darkest days of your life. He’s been there since the day you were born and He’s been loving you even though you never saw it.

            I’m praying for you. As you read this, may God lift up the veil so that you may see and encounter His deep love for you and realize the many ways He saved your life. May He speak to your heart  and bring you to your knees with this prayer:

“God, forgive me for not seeing your love and rejecting you. Today, I choose to love you and have a relationship with you. I want to seek you with all my heart. Please reveal yourself to me.”


How to Beat Burnout and Regain Strength


Strength will rise!

         Have you ever wished you had more time? Or that somehow, time will stop but you can still continue working to meet your deadlines? How do you keep up with the overwhelming demands of your day?

          We live in a day and age where there are too many distractions. There’s just so much to do and oftentimes, we wish we had more time. We are often bombarded by responsibilities and tasks that require our immediate attention. As days go by, we start to feel sapped of energy most of the time and then before we know it, we are already burned out.

          How do we regain our strength? The Bible assures us that though our heart and flesh may fail, still God is the strength of our heart. Yes, we may be burned out from time to time but God sustains us when we are weak. He is our strength and shield and He always helps us because He cares for us. He cares about even the tiniest detail of our day. It is God who arms us with strength and keeps our way secure. He satisfies us with good things so that our youth is renewed like the eagle’s. He longs to give us good things but even in bad times, God never let go. He patiently walks us through renewal and strengthening.

         Therefore, let us fix our eyes on Jesus and acknowledge that in Him, we can do all things because He strengthens us. As we gaze into His beauty and majesty and become more aware of His presence, our hearts become filled with joy and it strengthens us. As we put Him first on our daily schedule and spend the best time of our day with Him, we get the assurance that all the other things concerning our day will be taken care of and added to us. Each day that I spend quality time with God and soak myself in His Word before anything else, are the days that I am most joyful, kind, peaceful and productive.

Philippians 4:13, Nehemiah 8:10, Psalm 46:1, Psalm 73:26, Psalm 28:7, 2 Samuel 22:33, Psalm 103:5, Matthew 6:33