Our First Christmas

This Christmas is very special because it’s our family’s first Christmas. Months before Christmas Day, I started planning how to start a Christmas tradition yet it seems so hard to come up with unique ideas. I tried to remember my best Christmas memories especially that of my childhood and they’ve always been special because we were were always together sharing a meal and thanking God for His goodness.

The last Christmas I spent with my parents and siblings was four years ago a week after my wedding. The hearty laughter and the happy faces are but vivid memories. I don’t even know when we will celebrate Christmas together again. And so with my own family, I’m beyond grateful that we get to celebrate our first Christmas together. I thank God that my husband is not away for work unlike the previous year when I was all alone without a family around in a foreign land.

I spent the Christmas Eve cooking some of my favorite food that my husband also likes. We joined a cozy Christmas Eve service online and we stayed awake until midnight for our very first Noche Buena (a meal eaten together to welcome Christmas Day). Then we took some family photos with our matching sweaters and watched a fun movie. We went to sleep at dawn.

In the morning , we went for a Christmas Service at church and greeted friends. In the afternoon, my in-laws came over for supper, we exchanged gifts and then sang Christmas carols while Papa was playing the accordion. In the evening, we had a walk at the city centre to see the Christmas tree, illumination and lights. It has been a long day but every moment of it has been so special. Our little one may not remember his first Christmas but I’m glad we got to celebrate it together the way we did.

I am so grateful for the best Christmas present I have ever received: the gift of family. I thank God for allowing me to experience the deep joy of being a wife and a mother. I’m beyond blessed to have an earthly family but more than that is to be a part of God’s eternal family. Jesus came for me to be reconciled with God and be His child and be a part of His family. For this is the reason I celebrate Christmas with great joy and anticipation as I remember Jesus’ birth and coming to Earth.

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