Overcoming Grief

This month is almost over and the summer season will start soon. The season of warmth and long days, my favorite season. It’s bittersweet though because we will enjoy this season without Papa Slavik (my father-in-law). It’s been three months since he passed away. Some days feel like it was long time ago and other days feel like it was just yesterday. My husband and I are still in deep grief trying to get used to life without him. We believe that he is in a better place with our Savior Jesus Christ and we celebrate that, however, the void of his absence is hard to ignore. We miss the joyful atmosphere whenever he was around, the sound of music he played, his humor and cheerful heart and his love for people. Indeed, life will never be the same again without him but we are grateful for the time we had with him. We’re thankful that we got to be near him on his last days on Earth and that he got to meet his grandson and see us settled in this place.
As we move on to the next season in life, we will hold on to his memories and learn from the life he had lived – a life of simplicity, humility and selflessness.

Thank you for the gift of music.

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