10 Reasons 2020 Has Been My Best Year Ever

As the year is coming to an end and I look back to all that I’ve been through this year, I came to a conclusion that this year is by far the best despite of the pandemic and the chaos that came through. Here are the ten reasons (though there are more) why.

1. Becoming a mom

It’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me. God fulfilled a desire that has been ingrained in my heart long before I got married. About a year ago, I attended a women’s retreat with such hope and expectation that God is going to birth a new thing through me. I shared it with a sister from church and she prayed with me for a baby. After coming home from the retreat, the first thing I did was take a pregnancy test and it came out positive. The journey from pregnancy to motherhood wasn’t easy yet God’s grace was so evident as He provided everything I needed especially strength. The joy of becoming a mother is incomparable and I am so grateful that God let me have this privilege.

2. Overcoming PPD

Due to the pandemic, no one was allowed to stay with me at the hospital when I delivered my baby and that was extremely hard. Unmet expectations made it worst. With the painful recovery, lack of sleep and fatigue in taking care of a newborn, my mental health suffered and I experienced postpartum depression. I got more and more irritated, angry and lonely. I am so grateful for a patient, understanding and supportive husband who is a real gift from God for sticking with me through those hard times. Also to friends and mentors who prayed with me and walked me through it.

3. My refugee friends’ resettlement

God answered a prayer for a refugee family that is very dear to my heart. For over a decade of praying, God finally answered and gave them a resettlement. I believe that His timing is perfect and this year is the perfect time. I have learned so much through this family and journeying with them was truly a humbling experience.

4. Moving up of my advisory class

I’m so glad to be able to see my advisory class graduate primary school before I left. I taught them for three years and they became very close to me. When I became pregnant, I feared that I would leave before the school year is over but the pandemic was actually a blessing in disguise since online teaching made it possible for me to finish the school year with them.

5. Good health of my loved-ones

I’m so grateful that God kept my family and loved-ones in good health all throughout the year.

6. Genuine friends near and far

I am so blessed with amazing friends in all seasons of my life but this year, I came to value genuine friends even more. They were there when I needed help, took care of me when I was sick, celebrated with me, prayed for me, gave me advice, listened to me, cried with me and supported me. They are a true blessing!

7. Fellowship and sumptuous meals

I love connecting and having fellowship over meals. Because of the pandemic and social distancing, it has been a rare thing this year yet I remember every chance we could eat together with friends.

8. Moving to our own place

We’re beyond blessed to be able to purchase our own space in the midst of the pandemic. God provides indeed. He made a way when there seems to be no way. He gave us exactly what we need at the right time.

9. Smooth transition to a new city

Moving out of a comfort zone is always challenging but I’m grateful for the smooth transition to this city. We were warmly welcomed by friends, old and new ones. I‘m adjusting well and I like it here a lot.

10. Long walks

I had the most frequent walks this year and I just love these long walks especially with scenic views. A walk in the nature is always so refreshing and rejuvenating. Another special thing about it was the quality time spent with my husband and deep conversations we had while walking.

I don’t know what the future holds and what awaits me in 2021 but I know the One who holds the future and that gives me peace as I welcome the coming year.

I wish you all a blessed and bountiful New Year!

How to Beat Burnout and Regain Strength


Strength will rise!

Have you ever wished you had more time? Or that somehow, time will stop but you can still continue working to meet your deadlines? How do you keep up with the overwhelming demands of your day?
We live in a day and age where there are too many distractions. There’s just so much to do and oftentimes, we wish we had more time. We are often bombarded by responsibilities and tasks that require our immediate attention. As days go by, we start to feel sapped of energy most of the time and then before we know it, we are already burned out.
How do we regain our strength? The Bible assures us that though our heart and flesh may fail, still God is the strength of our heart. Yes, we may be burned out from time to time but God sustains us when we are weak. He is our strength and shield and He always helps us because He cares for us. He cares about even the tiniest detail of our day. It is God who arms us with strength and keeps our way secure. He satisfies us with good things so that our youth is renewed like the eagle’s. He longs to give us good things but even in bad times, God never let go. He patiently walks us through renewal and strengthening.
Therefore, let us fix our eyes on Jesus and acknowledge that in Him, we can do all things because He strengthens us. As we gaze into His beauty and majesty and become more aware of His presence, our hearts become filled with joy and it strengthens us. As we put Him first on our daily schedule and spend the best time of our day with Him, we get the assurance that all the other things concerning our day will be taken care of and added to us. Each day that I spend quality time with God and soak myself in His Word before anything else, are the days that I am most joyful, kind, peaceful and productive.
Philippians 4:13, Nehemiah 8:10, Psalm 46:1, Psalm 73:26, Psalm 28:7, 2 Samuel 22:33, Psalm 103:5, Matthew 6:33

Our Soul’s Anchor

It’s a new day dawning!

God’s plan is not to harm us but to prosper us and give us hope and a future. He sent Jesus so we may have life and live it to the full. He doesn’t want us to live another day defeated and miserable.
Trials and setbacks are inevitable, yet we can choose to put our trust in God and hold on firmly to His promises. Let us take Him by His Word and trust that He is able to work all things for our good, even those that breaks us, for we are called according to His purposes.
Indeed, we are called to be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer. In the midst of struggles and grief, where should we put our hope in? In God alone, because He is an ever-present help in times of need. He’s the One who never left our side. He will never turn His face away from those who earnestly seek Him.
When the discouragements and difficulties threaten to knock us down, we should return to our fortress, as prisoners of hope because God promises restoration and renewal. God is the only one who can make the valley of trouble a door of hope. Let this joyful hope be an anchor for our soul, both sure and steadfast so that nothing can move us, not even life’s greatest testing.
1 Corinthians 13:13, Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 5:5, Romans 8:28, Romans 12:12, Psalm 39:7, Hosea 2:15, Hebrews 6:19

Be Tenacious!

On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand!

Let us be tenacious and don’t let anything move us. Tenacity means continuing despite the obstacles and discouragement. It is refusing to give up when things are getting tough. It is not allowing any circumstance to shake us. Though we may be hard-pressed on every side, we will not be crushed. We may be persecuted but God will never abandon us. We may be struck down but our enemy will not be able to destroy us. Let us stand firm in the faith, courageous and strong knowing that God is fighting our battles. We are victorious in Him!

Relentless Love

A reminder of God’s abundant grace!

God is patient and slow to anger because He doesn’t want us to perish in our sin. He leads us to repentance and not to a broken fellowship with Him. Even when we choose to walk away, He still patiently awaits for our return. The Father of the prodigal son threw a feast for him when he returned home. The Shepherd left the 99 sheeps just to find the missing one. God’s hands is never too short to reach us. His unfailing love pursues us relentlessly.

Choose Faith


Faith comes from hearing the God’s Word.

Faith comes by continously hearing, meditating and living out the Word of God. The more we soak ourselves in the truth of God’s word, the more our faith increases. Faith is confidence in things we hope for and asssurance of things we are yet to see. It is believing that God is still good even when tragedy comes to us. It is refusing to give up when life is hard because God says He has a plan to bless us and give us a bright future. It is standing on our identity as His masterpiece even when the world shouts that we do not fit in. It is believing that He loves us even when nobody does.

A Grateful Heart

I thank you God for today
For giving me another special day
I’m grateful for this life that You’ve given me
In everything, you are God Almighty

You are all that I need
My soul longs for you indeed
Great is your faithfulness
Your love is so earnest

Thank you God for saving me
From the grip of the enemy
Once, I was living in misery
But you delivered me and now I am free

My heart sings praises to you
Because of the joy and peace that are found in you
Your love for me is unfailing
It’s from everlasting to everlasting

You are true to your Word
Since the foundation of the world
And so I hold on to your promises
In them, I found strength and wholeness

Help me fix my eyes on you
To live and move and have my being in you
I trust you with all my heart
In your presence I will never depart